Professional Resources

Telecommunication Resources

Valbrea’s strong telecommunications background has earned the company’s ability to provide quality services and resources to our telecommunications industry customers.

Software Development Resources

With decades of experience in a variety of technologies and industries, Valbrea's team has experience in solving most IT issues.

Business Process Outsourcing

Reduce expenses and increase productivity without a capital investment. Understanding your business culture, objectives and goals are key elements in providing you with high quality service and personnel.

GHEM Secure Access Control

Enterprise Network Security

GHEM Secure Access Control is a secure remote access application that provides strict access and real-time monitoring to disparate network elements across the enterprise.

  • Manage Access
  • Monitor Network Elements
  • Audit All Communications

Environmental Management

with Valtere Robotics

Valbrea’s Valtere mobile platform utilizing an autonomously guided, compact robot with laser navigation (LIDAR) to independently navigate surroundings and obstacles and Valbrea’s custom-developed technology to gather, analyze and catalog crucial, real-time environmental and asset information resulting in improved operational efficiencies, time savings and reduced expenses.

Food Defense / Food Safety Enterprise

Valbrea’s Food Defense/Food Safety Enterprise application provides a user-friendly, efficient, and timely enabler for internal personnel, field personnel, business units, and select vendors and customers to access, process, view, update and input critical information for food defense and food safety management.