Work Order Management

Valbrea’s Work Order Management Application (VWOM) provides a user-friendly, efficient, and timely enabler for internal personnel, field personnel, and select customers to access, process, view, update and input critical information for the management of work through a flexible process. Utilizing proven methods and technology, VWOM is a fully web-based application with the architecture of the system allowing for scalability for any size organization and number of users. VWOM enhances access to critical information and facilitates immediate communication and status’ within an organization and outside the organization to customers. Effectively acting as the primary portal of communication between entities and individuals, VWOM reduces response times, administrative requirements and organization resource activity for the management and handling of work.

The application provides for the management and distribution of work at the activity or task level. As the system can be configured for multiple types of work and associated workflows, user activities are driven by the system pursuant to the predefined work flow process associated with each type. The automatic assignment of work based on the skill sets available with each user, the system also automatically distributes completed work order packages upon such completion.

Customer Access - Associating tasks and activities to each unique work order allows for the instant communication of status, jeopardies, requests and approval requirements. Customer communication is effected through email and web-based access directly to the application.

Overhead Reduction - Utilizing VWOM, resource time traditionally spent tracking work, responding to requests, determining status, and reporting is eliminated. As resources at both the outsourcer and customer become more scarce and overloaded with work responsibilities, VWOM alleviates some of that workload by providing the efficient and instant communication between the parties.

Work Package Distribution and Repository - VWOM provides a unique document repository for the work in progress and completed. When completed, the deliverables are automatically distributed to the predetermined recipients. This repository may be remotely access for the retrieval of completed work order packages and related information collected from initiation through completion of the work.

In-Progress Status - The application provides customers access to reporting and tracking of work orders every minute of the day without making emailing or telephoning the outsourcer’s employees

The processes within VWOM are determined by each work order type and associated processes defined within the system by the administrator. There is no limit to the number of work order types or activities that can be utilized to determine the work flow of each type.
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Exports of reports to various standard formats (MS Excel, MS Word, CSV, etc.)
  • Handles multiple dynamic order types
  • Fine tune workforce by defining resource skill sets associated to order types and activities
  • No delay in work assignment, waiting for manager assignments
  • Outside plant codes, items and lengths are reconciled between activities within an order. Assign each activity of the order to a different resource.
  • Review process that automatically flags completed orders in random selection to be reviewed by supervisor or quality assurance.