Professional Resources


Our resources are career telecom specialist who provide quality services covering the majority of the telecommunications landscape

Software Development

With decades of experience in multiple and varied technologies, Valbrea's technical team will craft a solution that meets your exact requirements

Business Process Outsourcing

We will take the time to understand your business culture, objectives and goals. With this understanding and a combination of expertise and software we will drive cost out of your process and increase capacity without a capital investment

GHEM Simple Element Interaction (SEI)

with 'Session Data Recorder'

GHEM SEI from Valbrea is a “Zero Trust” element gateway for network providers who wish to simplify, streamline and monitor technician/user interaction with critical infrastructure.

  • Define Access Experience
  • Control the Session
  • Audit All Interactions

Food Defense Enterprise Edition

Valbrea’s Food Defense Enterprise is for owners and operators of food facilities who want to do more than comply with the FSMA Intentional Adulteration rule: IA Rule (21 CFR Part 121).

It is a scalable enterprise web application that works with the FDA's Food Defense Plan Builder and aggregates data and standardizes actions at the brand and/or corporate level.