Case Studies

Resource Support

Customer: Federal Government Agency

Project: With short notice and for a short term project, recruit and provide within a three week period in excess of 1,500 individual management and contact resources to support an immediate demand increase of incoming contacts and requests from the public.

Solution: Leverage our knowledge base and sister company’s infrastructure with a minimal staff to effectively ramp up, hire and employ in excess of 1,500 individual resources within a 3 week period, while quickly processing all human resources aspects of the relationship to enable compensation to be paid.

Benefit: The customer was able to utilize our services as a component of their overall operations and exceed their own internal goals beyond any that could have been expected.

Niche Support Services - nBPO Center

Customer: Large International Company

Project: Define and provide an order management processing operation that would allow the entire process to be outsourced.

Solution: With our resource pool available to us, Valbrea identified those resources with the experience level needed to fulfill the requirements of the process required to manage the unique types of orders.

Benefit: The customer was able to outsource the entire process of handling these types of orders and reduce their costs by approximately 40% on an ongoing basis.

Systems Integration

Customer: Medium Sized Communications Company

Project: Provide an Assessment and Solution to Remove Manual Activities and Resources from a Process Between Two Disparate Enterprise Software Applications.

Solution: We provided an extensive analysis of the possibility of integrating with software interfaces the two applications that were using similar information in totally different ways. One of the applications was a legacy two-tier system and the other a three-tier client-server system. Upon completing the Assessment and delivering the results, along with a proposed solution of integration, the customer immediately engaged us to provide the solution and deliver within a short time frame. The two applications were integrated with real-time interfaces on a fixed price basis with a fixed delivery schedule.

Benefit: The customer was able to reduce their internal resource costs dramatically and re-deploy those resources into other areas of their business and at the same time eliminate delays and keying errors inherent in a manual process.

Database Conversion & Migration

Customer: Canadian Based Communications Company

Project: Convert data from two (2) different system into one new application that would manage high-capacity orders and circuits. The data consisted of network elements, customer information, orders, order history, trouble management, and additional pieces.

Solution: Provide seasoned industry expertise along with our software development teams and execute an iterative data conversion approach to manage unique pieces of data and scenarios that would normally drop out of the complex process of building circuit information from the equipment definitions up.

Benefit: The customer could eliminate manual input of data that normally would fall out of a data conversion process and flash-cut over to their new system rather than run two large and expensive systems in parallel for a period of time.

Enterprise Information Portals

Extending older technologies beyond what was capable before

Customer: Medium Sized Service Based Corporation

Project: Define and Deliver a Web-Based System that would allow our customer’s resources, resellers and VIP customers the ability, without reduction in speed or additional seat licenses, to access and work with the data and systems of multiple applications that were deployed with antiquated client-server technology.

Solution: Valbrea rapidly architected, developed and delivered an independent web-based system that would leverage the existing client-server applications and their API’s to exceed the expectations initially set. The system cached large sets of data and then processed that data for easy flow into the back-end systems. The new web-based system also, utilizing technology internally developed, increased the speed by which the back-end systems to be utilized for the end user.

Benefit: The customer immediately saved over $1 million in seat license fees with the client-server application providers and then was able to save an additional $6+ million in fees and fines that would have been levied against them had they not had the solution in place.