Business Process Outsourcing

Valbrea’s innate ability to customize Business Process Outsourcing within niche areas for customers (nBPO) is bolstered by Valbrea’s ability to recruit and maintain a professional resources with expertise in the industries of focus. Coupling Valbrea’s resource services with experienced management and back office support systems further enhances the delivery of quality results for our customers. Each support operation is custom fit for the customer needs and then improved upon with custom software applications and tools driving additional benefits for both the customer and Valbrea. nBPO Resources Brochure

Valbrea’s history of successfully establishing and managing niche support centers that focus in areas traditionally overlooked by customers positions operations to reduce costs while improving efficiencies. Valbrea’s nBPO services, or niche Business Process Outsourcing, is a direct approach, wherein not only are unique areas of your operation handled professionally but Valbrea utilizes custom tools and software to further enhance the service. This not only improves efficiencies of the operation, but also provides additional information and reporting available to the customer.

To maintain business continuity for our customers we provide our nBPO services structured in a variety of ways. This ranges from establishment of a separate operation at Valbrea’s facilities to independent support groups managed by Valbrea but interacting on-site at the customer location with customer resources at hand-off points, all while still utilizing Valbrea’s in-house systems and custom applications & tools. This flexibility makes each engagement unique and fitted for the customer’s particular needs subsequently leading to more cost savings, better quality and transparency throughout the operation.

Valbrea’s nBPO services will be customized to your needs and delivered while investments are made in the process aimed at improving the efficiency and accuracy of the process activities.