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Current Job Openings - 10/16/2017

JOB : Telecom Site Visit Engineer
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina
$30.50/hr - $36.50/hr contract (depending on experience and location)


Valbrea Technologies Inc. is looking for individuals with a telecom ISP equipment background. A qualified candidate is required to possess telecom equipment knowledge pertaining to current industry fiber transport systems. This individual would be responsible for traveling to various locations collecting information required on new equipment installations and/or modifications to existing equipment within a telecom central office or remote.

Qualification & Knowledge

A qualified individual should have qualifications and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of the layout of a Telecom Central Office
  • Understanding and knowledge of telecom nomenclature
  • Equipment placement within a relay rack
  • Power assignments if required
  • Fiber assignments back to a Fiber Panel
  • Cross-Connect assignments pertaining to different service types
  • Ability to identify existing equipment shelves, installed cards and service types
  • Able to identify power and fuse assignments from the Plant to the BDFB
  • Accurately estimate cable lengths between equipment
  • Equipment involved – FW9500/4100, Ciena Z33, Ciena 5142/5150 and DSLAM devices
  • Additional equipment may include – Shelf and Card additions (Optical and Electrical)
  • Organizational and planning skills with attention to detail and follow through
  • Experience installing and/or maintaining telecommunications equipment and cabling
  • Interpersonal and communications skills including tact and diplomacy
  • Prepare and interpret specifications, drawings and standards for use of the telecommunications equipment
  • Determine the type and arrangement of the circuit, cabling, power and configuration needs of the related equipment

Additional Requirements

  • Must pass a background and drug test
  • Need to be able to drive a round trip of 450 miles in a single day, if needed
  • Ability to work on your own, determine what information is needed and where to get it within a telecom central office
  • Part-time basis, telecom retirees are welcome (Possibly full-time based upon need)
  • Able to utilize Microsoft Office products to produce a standardized document as the deliverable for performing the site visit

Working Environment

Work may be indoors or outdoors, sometimes in a confined space. Ability to walk over all types of terrain in all kinds of weather. Ability to work while standing 25%-50% of the time.