Telecommunication Expertise

As the economy, business environment, and employment market continue to change; Valbrea provides professional resource support and personalized services to accommodate your diverse resourcing needs. Understanding your business culture, objectives and goals are key elements in providing you with high quality personnel and service. Our years of combined experience allow us to identify qualified candidates to meet and possibly exceed your given expectations. Resources are being brought in for a wide range of projects, from implementation of new technologies to providing added support during times of peak project workloads. Our preference of working with seasoned professionals add immediate value thus allowing increased productivity, reduced costs, flexibility and greater efficiency at a multitude of levels. Telecommunications Resources Brochure

Valbrea’s strong telecommunications background has earned the company’s ability to provide quality services and resources to our telecommunications industry customers. A few of the examples of the resource types are:

  • Central Office/Inside Plant Engineering
  • Fiber Technicians
  • Field Supervision
  • Network Engineering
  • Test & Turn-up Support
  • Dispatching
  • Process Improvement
  • Outside Plant Engineering
  • Facilities Network Engineering
  • ASR Support & Processing
  • Escalations Management & Support
  • Circuit Design
  • Hi-Cap Screening
  • Quality Training
  • Installation
  • Power Auditing
  • Software Engineering
  • Common Language Support
  • Access Facility Planning
  • Outside Plant Inspection
  • Project Coordination
  • Frame Maintenance

“Integrity, professionalism, responsibility and respect are the most important values we preserve and uphold when providing our service to you.”

Valbrea’s customized approach to finding well skilled resources in a timely manner allows companies to accommodate a changing world with changing needs. Our focus is on providing you with the most comprehensive professional resource service available while building a long term relationship with you. The first step is to identify your expectations, which in turn enables us to create a list of candidates with your specific requirements in mind. Each candidate will follow an assessment and qualification process, including a drug screening, background and job skills evaluation. Finding the right qualifications ensures that only quality resources are considered and placed with you.