Telecom Network Security

Valbrea’s offering of telecommunications support systems includes GHEM Secure Access Control. GHEM Secure Access Control is a secure remote access application that provides strict access and real-time monitoring to disparate network elements across the enterprise. Our system manages secure connections to network elements over IP, X.25 and serial connections. With user-friendly, efficient web access available to administrators and users, remote access to network elements is simple, yet secure.

“Demonstration video explaining GHEM configuration and operation."

GHEM Brochure
GHEM White Paper

Filtering of commands at the group and individual user levels provides additional protection from costly outages and disastrous outcomes of less experienced users. The ability to classify ports on a network element gives priority access for automated tasks or super users. Connectivity to ports are static (or “nailed-up”) to eliminate the possibility of users or individuals with hostile intentions from bypassing the security provided by GHEM Secure Access Control.

GHEM Network Diagram

  • Restrict User Access by Individual or Group
  • Limit User Commands by individual or Group
  • Optimized Access (GHEM allows users to log them in as soon as the port becomes available)
  • Automatic Port Timeouts to Clear Inactive Sessions
  • Single Sign On (SSO) for all Network Elements
  • Designate Priority Access to Ports using Port Classification
  • Monitor and Control Any User’s Session in Real-Time
  • Override User Commands or Disconnect User in Real-Time
  • Real-Time View of Every Port
  • Logs connections and all user commands to a host
  • Creates Session Files that allow adminis-trators to replay a user’s entire session
  • Supports the following methods of connectivity for network devices: telnet, SSH, Modem Ports, and X.25

Scalability and Failover

To successfully secure a large telecommunications network, the solution had to scale and be fault tolerant. The simplicity of GHEM Secure Access Control makes it easy to scale by adding additional hardware. For small to medium-sized customers, adding memory and disk space handles most scalability issues. Larger customers would add additional servers.

Proven Technology

GHEM Secure Access Control is currently operating in small, medium, and large telecommunication companies across the globe.