Food Defense / Food Safety Enterprise

Valbrea’s Food Defense/Food Safety Enterprise application provides a user-friendly, efficient, and timely enabler for internal personnel, field personnel, business units, and select vendors and customers to access, process, view, update and input critical information for food defense and food safety management. Utilizing proven methods and technology, Food Defense/Food Safety Enterprise is a fully web-based application with the architecture of the system allowing for scalability for any size organization and number of users and ease of access users should expect from an enterprise, web-based application. This overview outlines the benefits and functional capabilities of the system.
Additional Info

  • Policy Manual(s) Creation & Management by Program
  • Procedure Manual(s) Creation & Management by Program
  • Multiple Audit & Checklist Creation & Management by Program
  • Corrective Action Criteria, Issue and Tracking
  • User Administration (Role Based)
  • Individual Audit & Checklist Performance
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Training Requirements
  • Data Collection & Consolidation
  • Audit History Retention
  • Audit File Attachments
  • Images, Video, Documents, etc.
  • Audit Program Tracking
  • General Audit Requirements
  • Specific Instructions by Audit Question
  • Interested Parties
  • Definitions (for Standardization)


developed by Valbrea

The Food Defense Plan Builder is a user-friendly software program designed to assist owners and operators of food facilities with developing personalized food defense plans for their facilities.

Download the free version here: FDA Food Defense Website

Food Defense Enterprise

The Food Defense Enterprise application is customized specifically for Food Defense. Leveraging the experience with working with the FDA's desktop application, the Food Defense Plan Builder.

  • Maintain multiple sets of guidance and multiple plans such as:
    • Food Defense Plan
    • Crisis Management Plan
    • Business Continuity Plan
  • Addresses Multiple Companies, Facilities, and Users
    • Confidential Information maintained at Facility and/or User level.
  • Interface to FDA Mitigation Database Available
  • Shares Redundant Information Across Plans
    • Central Contact Management
    • Supporting Documents
    • Entire Document
    • Link to a Document (such as a SharePoint link)
  • Reports
    • Logs & History of access
    • Customizable Reports such as
    • List of the status of plans across enterprise
    • Gap Analysis

Sample screen shot of the Food Defense Enterprise application.