Telecom Solution

Valbrea’s Telecom Solution addresses the 'Process Gap' (described here). It is utilized by internal personnel, field personnel, business units, and select customers to access, process, view, update and input critical information. Utilizing proven methods and technology, Telecom Solution is a fully web-based application providing modular functionality to users. The architecture of the system allows for scalability for any size organization and number of users and ease of access users should expect from an enterprise, web-based application. This overview outlines an offering of several of the individual modules of Telecom Solution and the functional capabilities of those modules. Valbrea Telecom Solution enhances access to critical information across the business regarding the status of orders and trouble tickets, availability of work tasks and design & circuit layout records, and optimize the productivity of resources responsible for responding to customer inquiries, facilitate consistent status information for all functional departments involved in the processes, and provide a secure option for VIP and Access customers to retrieve information associated with their specific needs. Telecom Solution Brochure

Valbrea Telecom Solution is a web-based, enterprise solution adaptable to a customer’s specific needs. The solution is comprised of eight modules, seven of which can be utilized independently of one another. The eighth module is utilized for customer and multi-view access by users. The solution can be implemented with some customization to better fit the needs of each set of users. The modules are:

  • Valbrea Telecom Work Management
  • Valbrea Telecom Trouble Management
  • Valbrea Telecom Service Order Management
  • Valbrea Telecom Service Order Inspector
  • Valbrea Telecom ASR Inspector
  • Valbrea Telecom CLR Management & Delivery
  • Valbrea Telecom DLR Management & Delivery
  • Valbrea Telecom Customer & Multi-View Access Gateway