Asset Management

VAMS, Valbrea Asset Management System, is the solution for tracking transfers and status of your mobile assets and inventory between entities, groups, and individuals while providing the most flexibility for your business. This fully web-based enterprise software application utilizes existing off-the-shelf hardware along with barcodes or RFID asset identification tags to save time and money by optimizing resource usage, improving equipment and staff productivity, and increasing inventory efficiencies. Providing real-time reporting and views, the Valbrea Asset Management Software product improves realistic cost control that makes a difference in your operations.

Valbrea Asset Management System — VAMS
The Valbrea Asset Management System (VAMS) product provides the functionality required to efficiently track mobile assets, such as and the responsible resources activities without time-consuming and risky implementations.

  • Item Information
  • Asset IDs
  • Location - Facility/Area
  • Responsible/Assigned Party
  • Quality/Condition
  • Receiving and Inspections
  • Asset Groups
  • Individual Unit Returns
  • Mass Transactions
  • Assignments
  • Reason/Issue Codes
  • Transfers
  • Status
  • Receipts
  • Asset Availability

Utilizing a three tier architecture and web services, the Valbrea Asset Management System product is easily maintainable from a central location no matter how many locations from which users are accessing the system.

  • Reporting: Users, Groups, Facilities/Areas, Inventory Status, Activity Analysis and Tracking, Performance Measurement, Scheduled/Automatic Reports
  • Web-Based Architecture
  • Managed Remote Access
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Central Administration
  • Consolidated Data Storage
  • Secure Access and Control